1. Service introduction
"After-sale service" means that after the buyer places an order in ZESTECH to purchase products with the "ZESTECH" logo, the seller promises to provide the buyer with after-sale services related to the products sold in accordance with the requirements of these rules.
2. Service content
1. Service content: refers to a service provided by the merchant to the buyer who purchases some automotive electronic products, specifically: after the buyer places an order on ZESTECH to purchase the product with the after-sales service logo on the product details page, the merchant promises to follow this agreement. The "After-sale Service Specifications" and relevant rules of ZESTECH require related services after product purchase for buyers, including video technical guidance, installation and debugging (product installation, program debugging, etc., if any), maintenance (fault detection, spare parts delivery) , replacement of accessories, etc.) and overseas local after-sales service (specific information is subject to product details or seller instructions).
2. Service method: According to the buyer's specific service needs and actual situation, the seller will provide after-sales maintenance services by assigning after-sales engineers to the door and the buyer's local service point (the specific information is subject to the product details or the seller's instructions).
3. Service time limit:
1) After-sales engineers are dispatched to the door: the seller confirms the buyer's appointment by email or the platform's official communication tool within 14 natural days; the seller should respond effectively within 48 hours after receiving the buyer's request and agree on the method and service of the engineer's services If the seller fails to reply within the time limit or does not provide a reasonable solution, it will be deemed that the seller refuses to provide the after-sales service of the dispatched engineer;
2) Local service point service: The buyer will provide solutions within 48 hours after the buyer confirms the buyer's service appointment through email or the platform's official communication tool, including video technical guidance, installation and debugging (product installation, program debugging, etc.), maintenance (fault detection, etc.) , spare parts delivery, spare parts replacement, etc.) or local after-sales service such as engineer visits. If the seller fails to reply or provide a reasonable solution within the time limit, it will be deemed that the seller refuses to provide local after-sales service.
3) If the seller has other commitments on after-sales service in the product details, unilateral commitment or communication, it constitutes the effective content of the after-sales service in this specification (except for the content that the seller unilaterally exempts, narrows or reduces the responsibility for after-sales service).
4) After the buyer purchases the after-sales service products, the merchant needs to provide a one-year service time limit after the buyer has successfully paid the ZESTECH order.
3. Service Control
1. The seller shall fulfill the after-sales service commitment to the buyer in accordance with the requirements of this specification. Before confirming the service appointment or actually providing the service, the seller shall describe the necessary information such as the service period, the number of services, the service scope, and the charging standard to the buyer in detail. If the necessary description or the description is unclear and a service dispute arises, ZESTECH will handle it according to the actual situation or trade practices.
2. ZESTECH will check the seller's performance of the after-sales service commitment from time to time. If there is a violation of this specification, the seller will be cleared from the activity. Within one year after the clearance, the seller shall not apply for the after-sales service exhibition again.
3. If the buyer initiates a complaint and ZESTECH determines that the complaint belongs to the after-sales service of the credit insurance order and is within the scope of complaint acceptance, it will be identified and processed.
4. Buyers purchase products with after-sales service marks through online transactions. If the seller fails to perform the local after-sales service obligations as agreed, disputes arising between the two parties shall be resolved by the buyer and the seller. If losses are caused to the platform due to the seller's breach of contract, the seller shall be liable for all losses caused to the platform (including but not limited to attorney fees, transportation fees, notary fees, etc.).
4. Service Instructions
1. Buyers will not be able to enjoy after-sales service in the following situations:
1) Due to the buyer's reasons, the seller cannot provide services according to the requirements of this specification or the buyer voluntarily gives up;
2) Due to force majeure, the seller fails to provide services according to the requirements of this specification or is unable to provide services (referring to the unforeseeable, unavoidable or insurmountable objective circumstances or unexpected events between the buyer and the seller when entering into the contract, including but not limited to natural disasters, such as typhoons , torrential rain, hail, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, volcanic eruptions, landslides; abnormal events, such as wars, armed conflicts, riots, riots, fires, explosions, toxic substances leaks, serious epidemics; government actions, such as controls, bans, expropriation, expropriation, etc.);
3) The buyer obviously abuses the service rights;
2. If the buyer and the seller have transaction disputes due to after-sales service orders, they shall be handled in accordance with the relevant transaction management and dispute mediation rules of ZESTECH.
3. Regardless of the reason for the seller to withdraw from the after-sales service, the after-sales service-related orders that are still being performed before the withdrawal shall continue to be executed in accordance with the requirements of this specification, and the seller shall still be responsible for the failure to perform the service commitment of such orders.
V. Supplementary Provisions
1. The "days" in this specification refer to natural days.
2. This specification will take effect for the first time on December 27, 2021.
December 20, 2021


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